Saturday, November 9, 2013

Check Out Family Search

Martha and Isaac

Sophia and Isaac

Jens and Anne Sorensen
I rediscovered family search.  This site is incredible now as it allows sharing of pictures and stories.  When I found it I found 114 ancestors with pictures that others had put into the website.  In the last week I have added 125+ pictures and about 10 stories.  I have now linked to 190 ancestors, and 105 of them personally.  I have also put in as stories the first two chapters of the Isaac Wardle History, his birth and childhood and his going to work young.
I have found some incredible finds: my mom and her twin in the arms of their older sister, great-great grandparents etc.
So check it out.  You will need to sign in, or register to sign in, but it is free.  You will also only be able to see those who are related to you.

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