Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Music; We Became Acquainted With God

This is the song for our handcart musical based on the words of Frances Webster.

We Became Acquainted With God

The Spirit of God rested on our hearts
That spirit saw us through,
Helping us through times of doubt,
Because we traveled for Thee.

In God there is great power
You can feel it hour by hour.
God's miracles are real
We thank him when we kneel.

The angels of God helped us on our way,
Giving us health and strength
To push and pull our handcarts,
Because we traveled for Thee.

You'll not hear us complain,
With God we did acquaint.
The price we paid was small
To heed a Celestial call.

We know God is there we felt Him in our bones
With every step we took
And in our extremnities
We became acquainted with God.

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