Tuesday, January 4, 2011


These are pictures of my cousins.

Sherry and Sally Beasley, Roger Chase, Connie, me, Weldon, Sara

park in Rigby, Idaho

Roger Chase

Aunt Lula and Sally and Sherry

my dad and Kenneth Chase
 When we lived in Othello Kenneth, oldest cousin on my dad's side and Audrey's son, would come and work on the farm.  This picture is a trip to the Grand Coulee Dam.
Kenneth, missionary photo

Danny Green, Verna son

Dianna with little Billy
Uncle Bill and Aunt Vern had one birth son.  The adopted Little Billy.  However Little Billy passed away while he was still young.
Roger Chase with my mom and Wufford
playing basketball with Reed Olsen, Aunt Phyllis' son

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